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Archive Article #10 - 11/01/04


Mare Raises Three Foals

by Ron Hanusa

June of this year Nancy and Larry Jenson of Bode, Iowa brought Keystone Sahara, owned by their son Bryce, to Minnamara Farm in Hayfield, Minn., owned by Ron and Susan Hanusa, to be bred to Karpov.

The mare came with two foals, one being her own foal, a colt by Kan Am, and the other an orphan filly by Lucky Twenty Five out of Abrameit owned by Larry, Nancy, and their son Brady. Abrameit died just a few days after foaling the filly from injuries suffered in a difficult birth. Keystone Sahara "adopted" the filly on her own in the Jenson's field.

When bringing the mare to be bred they asked if the two foals could come with the mare since they were reluctant to disrupt this attachment. This situation was cute and seemed a bit unusual but what happened next was amazing.

A farm mare, Edna Excel, had delivered a Karpov colt April 30. She then apparently developed a serious ulcer problem which did not respond to treatment and died.

Her foal was in the stall next to Keystone Sahara and her "two" foals. The foal was acting depressed and Keystone Sahara became preoccupied with him to the point of "obsession" so we decided to turn the three foals out in a small paddock with the mare.

They all bonded comfortably and Keystone Sahara became a mother to three! The mares and foals in the next pasture lined up along the fence, watching in seeming disbelief at the sight of a mare with three foals. When back in the large foaling stall we have two feed pails and one foal feeder with foal pellets in it. The mare shares grain and hay with all her "babies".

It can be difficult to get a mare who has lost a foal to take on an orphan foal much less take on two orphan foals when she still has her biological foal at her side. We think she deserves the title "Super Mom". Especially considering Keystone Sahara is 22 years old.


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